Facebook Trends in 2021 That Could Change Your Business Forever

Facebook is a household name in social media, news, advertising, and just about everything else you can think of. If the influence of the media company seems larger than life now, things are going to continue to expand in 2021. Most everyone is using Facebook as an individual and as for business, but these trends could change your approach to digital marketing forever with results to match.

Facebook Live and Video Feed Growth Offers Huge Opportunities

Introduced a few years ago, Facebook Live continues to grow. More people go “live” from the social media platform than ever before, including businesses. Live creates a unique opportunity to have a two-way dialogue with your audience in real-time. Plus, we know video is one of the most dynamic ways to highlight your products and services. 

One great example of harnessing the maximum potential of Facebook Live and Video is Buzzfeed. Every detail of their live and recorded content for Facebook is branded, engaging for the audience, and fit to catch the eye of anyone tuning in live or catching the video later in their feed. From an exciting thumbnail to in-depth features that cater to your audience, these tools on Facebook could help you develop a more meaningful connection with users following you on the platform. 

Facebook Is Becoming a Leading D2C eCommerce Platform

With a large user base already in place, many eCommerce businesses are seeing huge potential in Facebook for direct-to-consumer sales. A surprising aspect leading to the increased interest in Facebook as an eCommerce platform is the influence the medium has on spending habits. Users report that Facebook influences their spending habits online more than any other social media app. With all of that influence, making it easier for users to directly shop from Facebook could spike sales in a big way for 2021. 

Facebook Shops launched in 2020 and helped many businesses make up for losses sustained from the pandemic. With a 2.6 billion user base in place, businesses can immediately expand outside of their current audience with strategic posting or help from a successful FB advertising company.

Take Note: Hashtag Use to Grow on Facebook

If your approach to social media marketing is segmented in format and content style, then you might want to check on your use of hashtags. Many know hashtags to be a primary tool for Twitter and Instagram. In 2021, hashtag use will grow on Facebook in a big way. As users grow more comfortable with using hashtags on the platform, businesses will want to take time to find the right tags to use on their page to connect with potential customers and new audiences.

In late-2020, Facebook announced that new hashtag metrics for reach, engagement, and user sentiment would be offered for businesses. It’s going to be more and more common to see hashtags on business posts, but it’s crucial to make sure they’re effective. Exploring hashtags within your industry and choosing tags that fit your target audience can increase your reach in 2021 more than you might think.

Is Facebook Still King for Social Media Marketing?

It’s clear that many believe Facebook to be the leading platform for social media marketing. Some predict that platforms like Tik Tok or YouTube might overtake Facebook, but that certainly doesn’t seem likely in 2021. Thanks to meaningful updates to their offerings, Facebook is still the primary place businesses can reach users, make sales, and build meaningful relationships with their core consumers.

A strategic approach to Facebook marketing should be a pillar for any business in 2021. Explore ways you can improve your marketing on Facebook today and begin taking advantage of all the possibilities the platform has to offer. 

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