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Explore how optimizing your business for local SEO services can transform your business into a lead generating machine.


Wanting to know how to generate more leads for your local business? This is where the art of local SEO is a complete game-changer. As a business owner, it’s worth knowing a few eye-opening facts.

Statistics from

  • 92% of all traffic comes from Google search — including Google Maps

  • Good quality SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media posts

  • SEO leads have a 14% close rate — meaning that customers end up buying a product or committing to a service

  • 30% of all mobile searches are based on location i.e. looking for a specific local service

  • 76% of people who performed local searches, visited a business within the same day

  • These stats demonstrate the power and importance of a good online presence and smart local SEO strategy.

  • 97% of consumers today search for a local service online.

  • 82% of these customers use their smartphones and Google

These stats demonstrate the power and importance of a good online presence and smart local SEO strategy. There’s no denying that online marketing is how you should be targeting and engaging with your customers.

One of the best ways to build a strong online marketing strategy is with local SEO services in order to find the right traffic, in your area. Here’s how local SEO could completely transform your business.

What Exactly is Local SEO?

Over the past few years, Google and other search engines have cottoned on to the fact that many internet users search for specific services in their local area, closest to them. Today, most search queries are focused on local intent. This leaves a huge window of opportunity open to you, as a local business.

So, how does local SEO work?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is based on the idea of making your business visible in all local, geographic-related searches on the internet. This is achieved specifically through Google’s Local Pack or map listing. Search results in the Local Pack or Google Map listings are based on the geographic location of the user.

Local SEO increases your online visibility as a business in your specific area. It also helps you to outrank local competitors, increase your website traffic, and earn your business higher-quality leads and turn over.

How Local SEO Services Boost Your Business?

The benefits of Local SEO services are far-reaching — here’s how this important strategy can boost your business growth:

Increase Local Online Visibility

Here’s a very real statistic for you: less than 1% of online users go to page two of Google search results. So, if your business page is ranking poorly, it may end up on page two, or worse. This is where local SEO can completely change things by increasing page traffic, page rankings, and ultimately, online visibility.

Local SEO Guarantees Real Conversions and Sales

Where’s the success in receiving increased website traffic and leads from users in different cities or states? As a local business, this is of no real use to you. But local SEO helps you to target specific consumers looking for your specific service in your specific area. Is that specific enough? This leads to a higher visit-to-sale rate, which helps to grow your business.

Local SEO Sets You Apart from Competitors

While many businesses may have heard of local SEO, not all of them implement it into their digital strategy. This spells an opportunity for your business. By harnessing local SEO services, it gives you a chance to get ahead of your local competitors. You will stand out in local searches, local maps, local directories, as well as on social media.

Local SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

Standard SEO gives you the chance to establish your business as a very real authority in your industry. However, this process takes time and you will have to consistently work at building up your brand. However, local SEO helps to speed up this process. You can quickly build up business trust in your local area — in the eyes of Google and your local customers. There’s also a strong association of trust and credibility in a business that ranks on the first page of Google. This will immediately put your business on a level of high authority, which leads to targeted visitors and sales.

Local SEO Leads to Business Referrals

The overall premise of local SEO is this: the higher you rank on Google, the more attention your business will get. A great local SEO strategy helps you achieve a higher ranking through business referrals. By increasing your business visibility online, this puts you on the radar of complementary businesses that are willing to refer your services. These businesses aren’t your competition — but have an audience or customer base that complements yours.  This is a major benefit because the average business is far larger than just one customer’s opinion or referral. This leads to a regular influx of bigger and better business.

Local SEO is All About Long-Lasting Results

Traditional means of marketing are time-bound. If you do not generate results in a required timeframe, you lose out on your marketing budget and new leads. Local SEO offers the ultimate solution to long-lasting return-on-investment and marketing results. Due to the nature of the internet and its ever-changing ways, SEO allows you to evolve and stand out from your competition. Interest in your business and its services may grow over time, only compounding your internet relevance. This means your online visibility grows as more and more people find your business via local search.

Digital Marketing Expertise at Your Fingertips

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