Marketing Strategies for Chiropractors

The chiropractors industry’s current market size in the United States is more or less $15 billion. There are over 65,000 chiropractic businesses in the country, with employment numbers estimated at around 159,000. These numbers prove one thing: that competition is tough among chiropractors. Likewise, with a steadily growing market, standing out from the rest of the pack and attracting clients can be challenging.

Marketing your chiropractic business depends on several factors. Even if you already have a steady stream of patients, it does not mean that you don’t need to market your practice anymore. As a chiropractor, you work with different people and often compete with doctors and other healthcare professionals specializing in pain relief. You have to find a way to stay ahead, get more clients, and earn their trust.

If you’re unsure how or where to start your marketing campaigns, here are some digital chiropractic marketing tips to help you out.

Revitalize your brand

Your chiropractic practice has been around for years, so your brand has probably stayed the same for years as well. If you want to be different from everyone else, start by revitalizing your brand; give it a new life through a facelift.

If you have a logo, find time to examine it closely. Does it properly represent your brand? Does it tell people what you offer and the kind of satisfaction they’ll get from you? You may want to do an overhaul of your logo if it doesn’t answer any of these questions.

Create a website for your chiropractic practice

If you want your chiropractic practice to create a significant presence online, getting a website is the best thing to do – if you do not already have one. It shouldn’t be just any site; it should be one that has everything that your clients or patients need and more.

A good website tells people what services your practice offers, how long you’ve been in the business, the kind of customer service you offer, and a brief background of your professional experiences. Photos, videos, and other visual content also help add to the appeal of your site.

Best of all, your website has to be user-friendly and mobile-compatible. To achieve this, hire a good web designer and a developer who can help you create a site with exceptional UX/UI and knows how to highlight your USP or unique selling proposition – which is what sets you apart from the competition.

Apply SEO on your website

Even if you have a well-designed, user-friendly, and mobile-compatible website, it’s not guaranteed to create a strong impact online if it does not follow or apply search engine optimization (SEO) practices. You need to have your site optimized, so search engines like Google will easily find it.

How does SEO work? For example, if someone types the phrase “chiropractors in Tennessee,” your practice won’t appear on Google’s results page if your site is not optimized. However, if you use SEO techniques such as using competitive keywords, improving page speed, relevant and unique content, and mobile responsive design, your website can rank on the first page of Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs).

Find an SEO specialist who knows how to achieve this goal.

Apply local SEO strategy

Local SEO or Local Search Marketing is a search engine optimization technique that helps businesses increase their visibility in Google’s local search results. It is ideal for brick-and-mortar establishments or any organization with an existing physical store or location.

Your chiropractic business can benefit from local SEO in significant ways. The “chiropractors in Tennessee” is a good example of a local SEO search. You can also substitute Tennessee with something a little broader, like “chiropractors in my area.” Google will automatically detect the searcher’s location and, using its local SEO algorithm, will come up with a list of chiropractic offices near his location. To enjoy this benefit, you’ll have to create a Google My Business profile for your practice.

Your hired SEO specialist can help you create your profile and apply good local SEO strategies to your website.

Create a blog on your website

A blog is an easy and effective method of communicating with clients – both current and new ones. It is a suitable venue for establishing your authority, too. You can talk about your experiences, success stories, and discussions on chiropractic-related issues. You can even ask your clients what they want you to feature.

If you post a new blog entry at least once a week, people will look forward to it and regularly visit your website. They’re also inclined to tell their family and friends about your blog, so they’ll bring in prospective clients. It’s an effective way of increasing your online visibility.

Additionally, you can also use your blog to increase your SERP ranking by using popular chiropractic-related keywords. The topics you choose to talk about will also help.

Connect with your clients through reviews

People rely a lot on online reviews and feedback nowadays. Reviews on social media sites like Facebook get thousands of shares, which is good for the product and business. With a broader reach, it’s easy to connect to more prospects. Shared reviews and feedback also help SEO rankings.

Websites are also a good platform for reviews, so you might want to consider doing this, as well. Likewise, you can request clients to send their feedback via email.

Opening yourself to reviews and feedback will help you establish client relations, improve your practice, and better understand your patients’ needs.

Market your practice on social media

Millions of people spend hours upon hours on social media every day. It is one of the most powerful marketing platforms in recent years. Use this popularity to your advantage; put your business on social media – on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Create regular content intended for your target audience and post as regularly as possible. This is one of the best ways to increase awareness about your practice and attract more patients.

These are just some marketing strategies you can use to help your chiropractic business level up, stand out, and reach more clients. Work with an experienced digital marketing specialist in achieving these goals.

About the Author

Anthony Vought is the Content Marketer of Digital Chiropractic Marketing, a team of expert web designers and digital marketing strategists who help chiropractors boost their practice’s digital presence. He makes the most of his free time reading graphic novels and going for trail hikes with his colleagues and friends.


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