Reputation Management

Over 80% of customers read online reviews of local businesses before making a purchase decision. Our Reputation Management System will help you get more reviews, monitor your reviews and display them on your website.

Online reviews can make or break sales and are consequently crucial to your company’s success. Studies have found that over 80% of prospective customers will research your product or services and read other customers’ or users’ reviews before deciding whether to purchase your products or use your services themselves. So, review management should be high on your list of business priorities.

In the past, most customers would have had to be more experimental with their spending or rely on a process of trial and error to determine the products and services that worked for them, or they would simply rely on word of mouth from family and friends. But the internet has expanded communication and opened up a way for people to share their views and opinions on practically everything. Retail products and service-based businesses haven’t escaped this.

As you can imagine, one bad review of your business online can be accessed by every single customer who’s considering doing business with you. Numerous bad reviews could negatively affect your business. On the other hand, positive reviews can boost customer confidence and increase your business revenue.

Needless to say, you need to start managing and monitoring your reviews to ensure that the best comments are being prioritized while the worse comments are addressed appropriately. 

Roe Graphics offers professional Review Management services. We will effectively monitor what is being said about your company and can help to highlight the positives while helping you positively deal with the negative reviews. We can also help you to display reviews on your website.

If you need help generating online reviews and need more positive reviews, don’t hesitate to reach out to arrange a consultation to meet your business needs.